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Advantages and Disadvantages of Greenhouse Cultivation

Sep. 07, 2020

Green and growth

The farming greenhouse has become very popular worldwide. It started in the 13th century as a way to satisfy the nutritional needs of royals. At that time, people still used this method to grow medicinal plants. However, the science of greenhouse cultivation has been extended to universities so that researchers can conduct research. Today, with the advancement of agricultural technology, the use of greenhouse cultivation has been accepted by everyone.

Any gardener who wants to start his own business can incorporate this sustainable lifestyle into his life. If you think you are ready to develop your own greenhouse garden, you should research and plan each step first. In addition, you must also learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of planting greenhouses.

Advantages of greenhouse cultivation

Extend the growing season

When you develop your own greenhouse, your plants will no longer depend on weather conditions or patterns. Any gardener will be happy to know that they can continue to grow the vegetables and herbs they need without worrying about the weather. The seeds you plant can take root and sprout in the greenhouse, and will not survive even if they are planted directly in the garden under normal conditions.

The advantage of having a greenhouse is that you can use different techniques to keep the temperature stable. In this way, you will be able to reduce the stress on the plants. In addition, you will promote strong growth at the beginning of the year. One of these technologies is solar thermal mass. Therefore, you can use natural materials that can absorb, store, and release heat. In addition, you can also use heating fans and artificial heaters.

More types

Depending on demand, availability, and production methods, the price of vegetable changes with the seasons. However, if you invest in a greenhouse, you have the opportunity to provide a variety of vegetables and fruits in the off-season. In this way, you will create greater availability for your customers when there is insufficient market supply. Greenhouse agriculture also provides you with the opportunity to grow flowers and new vegetables that do not normally grow in your climate. Therefore, you may provide the best growing environment for your crops.

Reduce threats to crops

Through greenhouse cultivation, rodents can be prevented from feeding on crops. In the greenhouse, you can always control what goes in and out. In addition, this environment will help you protect your crops from the outside weather, pests, and diseases. You can minimize the risk of pests and diseases that may affect plants.

Planting Greenhouse

Planting Greenhouse

Disadvantages of greenhouse cultivation

Operating expenses

To ensure maximum use of the greenhouse, you will need to purchase supplies or kits that will ensure the longevity of the crops. If cheaper film plastics are installed to retain heat, they can work normally. However, if you install more expensive glass windows, they will last longer and will also ventilate the greenhouse when the glass windows are opened. In addition, in terms of heating, if you decide to use an electric heater, you will find that your monthly bill will increase significantly.

Lack of pollination

Even if you can better control the plants in the greenhouse, certain plants with pests will spread them to other crops as quickly as whiteflies. Therefore, this can destroy many types of plants and vegetables that you grow there. You should also consider the fact that pollinators will not reach your crops. For certain vegetables and fruits you grow, this may be disadvantageous.

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