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Analysis of the Problems in Greenhouse Construction?

Mar. 25, 2020

In recent years, the construction of farming greenhouses has gradually increased. However, when building greenhouses in some areas, they often ignore the local natural conditions, resulting in many problems, not only shortening the life and practicality of the greenhouses, but also reducing the yield and quality of vegetables, resulting in unintended Economic losses. Therefore, the farming greenhouse installation company takes the issues that are prone to occur in the construction of greenhouses, to remind vegetable farmers everywhere to avoid such problems.

1. Too little space between the two greenhouses will affect the light. Vegetables suffer from "cold disorders" due to low temperatures. At the same time, due to lack of light, the growth of vegetables could not perform photosynthesis normally, which led to "fat and yellow muscles" and even "hunger" and died.

2. Lack of drainage system. In the season with heavy rainfall, it is easy to cause the greenhouse to collapse or cause the roots and dead trees of vegetables and other plants to grow, resulting in huge economic losses.

3. No protective measures are taken on the back wall of the greenhouse, which can easily shorten the useful life of the greenhouse.

4. The pillars in the last two rows of the greenhouse are too far away and the pressure is too small. To build a greenhouse, steel pipes are used as the skeleton. The taller pillars in the greenhouse are 5.8 meters (60 cm below the ground). Wall height of about 4.5 meters.

Farming Greenhouses

Farming Greenhouses

5. Digging deep inside the greenhouse is not conducive to the growth of vegetables. It is more appropriate to dig 0.5-1. 2 meters in the greenhouse. During the construction of the greenhouse, it must be emphasized that the soil for the wall must also be excavated from the ground in front of the greenhouse, and the depth of the excavation depends on the situation, which is generally more than 0.5 meters. Building a greenhouse in this way can make the front face of the greenhouse only have a depth of less than 0.6 meters, reduce the area of the shading belt, and improve the insulation performance of the greenhouse.

6. When the greenhouse is used to build the wall of the mature soil in the greenhouse, the exposed surface is a layer of raw soil with low organic matter content, lack of beneficial microorganisms and poor air permeability. If it is not modified, the growth of vegetables in the season will be affected , Resulting in huge economic losses.

7. In building greenhouses, we must always adhere to the "measures according to local conditions" approach. For example, in some areas with shallow tillage levels and low groundwater levels, it is necessary to avoid the construction of "semi-underground" greenhouses, and no "cellar" greenhouses should appear. The depth of excavation should be minimized or a greenhouse should be built directly on the ground.

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