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Application of greenhouses in leisure agriculture planning

Sep. 19, 2019

As a four-season constant temperature anti-season fruit and vegetable production facility, the farming greenhouse can be combined with the unique local agriculture, countryside, culture and ecology. It has a complete landscape system and rich tourism functions. It can be an ecological sightseeing and popular science education in current leisure agriculture, leisure play, cultural experience to provide light assets, creative new ways to play.

Play 1: Create a constant temperature environment, create a unique and unique agricultural landscape, and become a major attraction for agricultural tourism. The greenhouse is dominated by characteristic agricultural industries. Through the control of topography, climatic environment and agricultural planting, it can create an artificial natural landscape different from the local climate, and can also plan a cultural landscape.

Play 2: Apply agricultural science and technology to facility fruit and vegetable cultivation, and expand the science education function of leisure agriculture. Agricultural greenhouses can take advantage of new exotic agricultural planting and current agricultural technology as the core attraction, and display agricultural science knowledge, farming history and culture through the packaging of fruit and vegetable factories, nursery plants, artificial light plant factories, natural schools and space laboratories. , ecological and environmental protection concepts, etc., provide agricultural technology training, parent-child agricultural science and so on.

Play 3: Introduce lifestyle and leisure formats such as catering, amusement, sports, photography, and recreation, and enrich the experience content of leisure agriculture. Combining the four-season constant temperature space with the leisure place to create an ecological restaurant, and entertainment greenhouse, etc., can output a healthy rural lifestyle that is different from urban life.

Greenhouse Eco Restaurant

The“Vivarium”restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand is transformed from a tractor warehouse into a restaurant with a tropical rainforest, vibrant and green plants. The original structure of the warehouse remains unchanged and painted white; the new structure is painted red, creating a distinct contrast between old and new.

In addition, in order to reduce the cost of decoration, the designer actively utilized any elements that could be found on the site: iron gates, steel pipes, dead branches, roots; and even used scaffolding to make it a decorative frame in space. This lush and vibrant restaurant has made plants from the ground, walls and ceilings, creating a perfect greenhouse living container with a vibrant and warm environment.

Parent-child playhouse

Mobis Garden is a children's play smart greenhouse in Beijing. There is a secret garden-like ecological environment, and there are various independent children's play projects in the mall, as well as children's educational activities on the theme of nature series. Such a project can be built either in the city or in a farm. It is undoubtedly a broad market for the hot trend of the pastoral parents.

The garden covers an area of 1,500 square meters, nearly half of which is green. It is planted with tropical fruit banana trees, dragon fruit trees and lemon trees. There are terracotta pools on the lawn, swings under the lemon trees, sunbathing in the rocking chair, fresh juice, and a small platform for reading.

Here, don't worry about the heat and cold winter, wind and rain, and smog, you can always give your child a green, ecological natural space, so that children can basking in the warm sunshine, running, playing and learning in the garden full of bananas. Grow in the embrace of nature and create a new model of greenhouse nature education without a down season.

There are many flowers and bonsai here. The children lead a small flower pot, when a small gardener builds his own small garden. Parents can also learn to arrange flower arrangements here to add to the fun of life. The rides are integrated with the surrounding greenery and greenhouses. The difference is that the air is fresh and fresh, and fresh plants and fruits are at your fingertips.

Can you think of opening a toy experience store in a farm? Here is a place like the Apple Experience Store, a lot of toys casual experience, of course, sales are also very good. Want to extend the play time, eating is essential. The indoor restaurant also offers catering, and like many farms, it promotes healthy eating concepts, pure handmade greens, and freshly squeezed fruit juices. There is no such thing as a noisy person in the mall, even if it is noisy, it is just the laughter of the children; it is also a place to have fun, the fun-filled greenhouse can learn a lot of things, and the space is much larger, this should be the main reason for popularity. . For children's play projects and rural farms, you can refer to this parent-child project model.

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