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About Greenhouse Applications And Orientation Options

Dec. 16, 2019

China glass greenhouse manufacturer to share with you:

I. Internet of things technology. In fact, Internet of things technology is the integration and application of various sensing technologies, modern network technologies and artificial intelligence and automation technologies. In greenhouse environment, single span greenhouse can use the Internet of things technology, become a measurement control, wireless sensor networks using different sensor node and has a simple actuator node, such as fan, low pressure motor, valve actuator working current is low, a wireless network, to measure the humidity, matrix composition, pH, temperature and air humidity, air pressure, light intensity and co2 concentration, etc., through model analysis, automatic control of Greenhouse environment control, irrigation and fertilization, the best conditions for the growth of plants.

For agricultural parks with greenhouses, the Internet of things can also realize automatic information detection and control.Equipped with wireless sensor nodes, each wireless sensor node can monitor various environmental parameters. By receiving data from the wireless sensor gathering node, for storage, display and data management, which can realize all base test point of information acquisition, processing, management and analysis, and the intuitive graph and curve display to each greenhouse users, according to the requirements of plant at the same time provide all kinds of sound and light alarm information and SMS alarm information, realize intensive greenhouse, networked remote management.

In addition, Internet of things technology can be applied to different stages of greenhouse production. At the stage when the greenhouse is ready to be put into production, by arranging various sensors in the greenhouse, the internal environmental information of the greenhouse can be analyzed in real time, so as to better select suitable varieties for planting.In the production stage, practitioners can use Internet of things technology to collect greenhouse temperature, humidity and other kinds of information to achieve fine management, such as the opening and closing time of the shading network, sensing and control according to greenhouse temperature, light and other information, heating system start time, can be controlled according to the collected temperature information;After the product harvest, the information collected by the Internet of things can also be used to analyze the performance and environmental factors of plants at different stages and feed back to the next round of production, so as to achieve more accurate management and obtain better products.

Agricultural glass greenhouse is a Greenhouse covered with transparent Glass.

Design requirements: in the Foundation design, in addition to meeting the strength requirements, the foundation should also have enough stability and resistance to uneven settlement, and the foundation connected with the inter-column support should also have enough transmission of horizontal force and spatial stability. The bottom of the greenhouse should be located below the permafrost. The heating greenhouse can consider the effect of heating on the frozen depth of the foundation according to the climate and soil conditions.Generally, the bottom of the foundation should be more than 0.5 meters lower than the outdoor ground, and the distance between the top of the foundation and the outdoor ground should be more than 0.1 meters, so as to prevent the exposure of the foundation and adverse effects on cultivation.Except for special requirements, the distance between the top surface of the greenhouse foundation and the indoor floor should be more than 0.4 meters.

Independent foundation.Reinforced concrete is usually used.

Bar basis.Masonry structure (brick, stone) is usually adopted, and the construction is also carried out by on-site masonry. A reinforced concrete ring beam is often set at the top of the foundation to install embedded parts and increase the strength of the foundation.Steel structure mainly includes: greenhouse load-bearing structure and ensure the structure of the stability of the support, connectors, hard parts and so on.

Orientation selection:

In order to go beyond the frozen layer as appropriate, the greenhouse foundation design is based on the geological structure and local climatic conditions decided by the cold region, the soil of the pine foundation is relatively deep.The greenhouse that cannot be produced all the year round should be deeper than the greenhouse that is produced all the year round. The foundation filled with rubble stone or river stone should be filled with a 2030cm thick ground beam. The ground beam should be built above the wall. It is recommended that the wall should extend beyond 70 meters to allow for expansion joints. The rear wall of the greenhouse should have a certain ventilation window for winter ventilation according to the nature of the greenhouse.Rainbow greenhouse wall masonry before the top should be embedded in the arch frame for the arch frame installation.Greenhouse wall height according to the greenhouse span, generally 8 meters across the greenhouse back wall height of 2.5 meters is appropriate.7.5 meters across the back wall of the greenhouse with a height of 2.3 meters is appropriate.

Site selection should be as far as possible in flat land, greenhouse site selection is very important.The water table should not be too high, avoid high mountains and buildings blocking the light, and no sheds should be built in polluted areas for users of the farming and breeding industries.In addition, areas with strong monsoons should consider the wind resistance of selected greenhouses.Generally, the wind resistance of greenhouses should be above grade 8. The orientation of the greenhouse has a great influence on the heat storage capacity of the greenhouse, for the solar greenhouse.As a rule of thumb, greenhouses in the south face west.A west Angle of 510 degrees is preferred.This allows the greenhouse to store more heat.If more than one greenhouse is built, the spacing between the greenhouses should not be less than the width of one greenhouse.

Greenhouses that is, the greenhouses are located on both sides of the north and south sides.This orientation allows for a uniform distribution of light to the crops in the greenhouse.

Greenhouse wall data as long as there is good insulation and heat storage capacity of the data can be used.The greenhouse interior wall emphasized here must have the heat storage function, the solar greenhouse masonry should be adapted to local conditions.To store heat.At night, this heat is released to keep the temperature in the shed balanced.Brick wall, cement plastered wall, earth wall have heat storage capacity.The wall of greenhouse USES brick to mix the structure to be better commonly.

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