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Conditions For The Selection Of The Greenhouse Framework

Dec. 23, 2019

Xinghua JinYi Greenhouse Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2011, specializing in Greenhouse engineering design, manufacturing and installation, and sales of Greenhouse accessories.

China glass greenhouse manufacturer to share with you: First, the manufacturer's qualifications should be inspected when selecting the greenhouse framework. Choosing the skeleton of the steel structure greenhouse is not a simple one. When we select the framework of the greenhouse, we need to conduct field investigations before we can draw the results. When we are using the greenhouse skeleton of Zhengzhou Bridge Factory, we can find a greenhouse skeleton related to the Bridge Factory for investigation. We should first analyze the quality of the greenhouse skeleton from the user's point of view, and then examine this further. The relevant qualifications of the steel structure greenhouse factory are finally confirmed according to the user's habits. Although this method takes a long time, but the careful analysis of the greenhouse framework obtained is very effective and accurate. Decreasing the operating cost of enterprises, so we should choose the steel structure greenhouse with our own emotions.

Second, we must analyze the greenhouse framework of the agricultural single span greenhouse used by colleagues. Every industry has relatively popular greenhouse skeletons, and the greenhouse skeletons used are not the same. Farmer friends will definitely have counterparts when building greenhouses, so we should first analyze which greenhouse skeletons are used by peers when selecting greenhouse skeletons. It is a very good method to analyze the greenhouse skeleton used by peers to confirm your own greenhouse skeleton. This method is often used when confirming the greenhouse skeleton to farmers 'friends. Therefore, when we do not understand the farmers' friends in the industry, we analyze It is a good way for peers to conclude that the greenhouse framework established by the opponent is a greenhouse. Generally, when we confirm the framework of the greenhouse, it is best to select more than five colleagues for comparison, then take their strengths, use the framework of the greenhouse one by one, and finally confirm the framework of the greenhouse for the farmers friends who have established the greenhouse.

3. Confirm the raw materials: The steel structure greenhouse has a steel structure skeleton, an inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic structure skeleton, and a bamboo and wood structure skeleton. Compared with the other two structural frameworks, the agricultural glass greenhouse steel structure skeleton has a low cost and a long service life Long advantages.

4. Confirm the structure: confirm whether the spring-autumn arch shed or winter warm shed is constructed according to the requirements, and confirm the presence or absence of columns according to the span requirements.

V. Installation method: According to the shed construction method, confirm the shed orientation, shed pole spacing and other issues.

  The installation steps of the greenhouse are installed from top to bottom. In the industry, it is generally divided into the production of foundations, the installation of greenhouse frameworks, the installation of internal and external shading systems, the installation of greenhouse aluminum profiles, the installation of top cover materials, and surrounding coverage Installation of materials, installation of side-hung windows, power distribution and drive system debugging.

The foundation of the greenhouse is generally divided into the independent foundation in the middle and the installation of the surrounding ring beams. These include the ultra-flat fixing of the embedded parts. After these work is completed, the skeleton material can be put into the site for installation. After the framework of the greenhouse is installed, the construction of the retaining walls around the greenhouse can be performed simultaneously.

The installation of greenhouse framework materials includes the installation of columns, the installation of beams, the installation of the sink bracket between the columns, and then the installation of the sink (the girder or the arch connector is installed on the ground before the sink is installed), Installation of herringbone beams or levers, installation of external sunshade skeletons. All the above items are installed, and the installation of the skeleton is considered complete. The greenhouse skeleton labor cost accounts for about 35% of the total installation cost.

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