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Development Prospects of Greenhouse Ventilation

Mar. 12, 2020

The popularity of automatic ventilation pillarless environmental protection greenhouses is the primary development trend of greenhouse ventilation development. This greenhouse is composed of plastic lighting film, wall, main frame, lighting device, and thermal insulation equipment. The wall frame and polyethylene film frame together form the main frame of the greenhouse, supplemented by wall insulation board and polyethylene. The film frame and the setting of automatic ventilation windows at the upper and lower slopes are important characteristics of the environmentally friendly greenhouse without pillars. The environmentally friendly greenhouse without pillars is not affected by the temperature and the surrounding environment of the greenhouse. , Fruits, vegetables, aquaculture, land farming, rice seedlings and other fields. Because this kind of greenhouse sheds all the pillars that affect ventilation, it reduces the cost of the greenhouse and reduces the labor intensity; the surface of the greenhouse is smooth, which enhances the strength of air circulation, and is very straightforward to realize automatic ventilation in the greenhouse.

Standardized greenhouses have become the mainstream of greenhouse ventilation:

The standardized greenhouse greenhouse becoming the mainstream of greenhouse ventilation is the second development trend of greenhouse greenhouse ventilation development. The regulation of the air humidity in the greenhouse and the regulation of the air composition in the greenhouse must be solved by the greenhouse ventilation. Therefore, the development of the greenhouse ventilation needs a series of ventilation regulations to control, such as: to what extent the air humidity in the greenhouse must reach Ventilation control etc. need to be standardized. The span of the greenhouse should be conducive to the circulation of air in the greenhouse. If the span of the greenhouse is too large, the arch of the greenhouse will be relatively small, and the rate of air replacement will be accelerated, so that the temperature in the greenhouse cannot meet the needs of crop growth in a long time , Affecting the growth of crops in the shed. The design of the steel frame must also meet the requirements for the ventilation of the greenhouse. The density of the columns, the diameter of the breast diameter and the design of the steel mesh on the roof must not only meet the requirements of compression resistance, but also fully consider the requirements of ventilation. Generally, the steel mesh should be kept At a distance of about 15 cm, it is evenly spread under the ventilation film in the greenhouse.

China Glass Greenhouse For VegetablesChina Glass Greenhouse For Vegetables

China Glass Greenhouse For Vegetables

Realize the intelligent control of china glass greenhouse for vegetables:

Realizing intelligent control of greenhouse greenhouse ventilation is the third development trend of greenhouse greenhouse ventilation development. The development of greenhouse ventilation has gone through the phases of manual control ventilation and automatic control ventilation, and it is bound to develop to intelligent control of greenhouse ventilation. In the early stage of the development of greenhouses, greenhouse ventilation was generally completed manually. The employees of the greenhouses were both the managers of the greenhouses and the feelers and performers of the greenhouse ventilation. When they felt that ventilation was needed in the greenhouses, they opened the roof or The cracks on the side of the shed provide ventilation. When to ventilate and the maintenance of ventilation practices are judged based on the long-term accumulation of experience and feelings of the greenhouse practitioners, which directly results in a low ventilation effect. With the development of science and technology, the automation control technology has been greatly developed. The automation control technology has gradually been applied to the ventilation of greenhouses. Through the establishment of computers and automatic control systems, the greenhouse ventilation has realized automatic regulation and automatic ventilation. Various sensors in the greenhouse can automatically collect technical parameters such as air temperature and humidity, carbon dioxide content in the greenhouse, and the automatic control system compares the actual measured data with the preset values to determine whether to perform ventilation. The realization of greenhouse ventilation rack has further improved labor productivity. Based on production practice and automation of greenhouse ventilation, intelligent greenhouse ventilation is collected. By collecting various data in the greenhouse, summarizing, experimenting and analyzing, constructing various expert systems to follow the growth of crops in the greenhouse Model, develop the expert ventilation control system suitable for different crops in the shed. Through this system, the real-time data is processed in time, the ventilation scheme is automatically analyzed and selected, the ventilation operation is performed, and the intelligent control of the ventilation in the shed is realized.

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