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Advantages and Disadvantages of Greenhouse Construction for PC Sun Panel

Jan. 20, 2020

1. Features of PC sunlight panel greenhouse

The custom pc board greenhouse supplier believes that because of its good thermal insulation performance, strong impact resistance, light weight, large installation size, long service life, beautiful appearance, good visual experience, and initial light transmittance, With many advantages, the PC board greenhouse was once regarded as "the latest greenhouse structure" and was highly respected by greenhouse builders and greenhouse manufacturers. Until now, the application of PC board light-transmitting materials in greenhouses has gradually increased.

In this way, the custom pc board greenhouse seems to have particularly obvious advantages, and it seems to have become a replacement product for glass greenhouses, because in their view, the cost of the greenhouse built by PC sunlight panels is lower than that of glass greenhouses, and other The performance is not bad.

2. Transparency of PC sunlight panel greenhouse

However, the production practice of pc board greenhouse china over the past few years has shown that the PC board greenhouse  is not so perfect, first of all in the light transmittance of the greenhouse. Generally, the initial light transmittance of 10mm thick hollow PC sheet is 78% (manufacturer's published laboratory measurement data), which is 10% to 15% lower than single-layer plastic film, and 10% lower than 4mm thick float glass. This disadvantage is accompanied by lifetime And the plastic film can be replaced within 3 ~ 5 years to restore the light transmittance. The light transmittance of the glass material hardly changes with time, but the light transmittance of the PC board material is within 10 years of the manufacturer's guaranteed service life. Weakened (general manufacturers promise that the light transmittance of the material will not drop by more than 6% within 10 years. For the time being, I believe the manufacturer said that even after 10 years, the material light transmittance is only 72%).

Custom PC Board Greenhouse

Custom PC Board Greenhouse

We have found in the practice of greenhouses for many years that the reduction of the light transmittance of PC sunlight panels is often not the main cause of insufficient light transmission in greenhouses. The dew and dust accumulation in hollow PC sunlight panels is the "culprit". . In the construction and installation of greenhouses, it is often impossible to completely guarantee that the hollow PC sunlight panels are tightly sealed. The air around the greenhouses will enter the middle gap of the hollow PC sunlight panels at any time. After the humid air containing moisture enters the middle gap of the PC sunlight panels, Because the sealing of the PC sunlight panel caused great difficulty in its discharge, this easy-to-access structure structure made a large amount of water vapor accumulate in the intermediate space of the PC sunlight panel.

Moreover, due to air pollution, the wet air also contains a large amount of dust and dust, which will continue to accumulate in the hollow wall of the PC solar panel, eventually causing the dust pollution to cause a sharp decline in the transmittance of the PC solar panel material. The areas with more serious air pollution, the greater the decline in the light transmittance of the greenhouse, eventually resulting in the PC sunlight panel has not yet reached its strength and life, but the light transmission performance is difficult to meet the actual greenhouse production needs.

This phenomenon is not individual, but is relatively common. Therefore, when selecting light-transmitting materials in greenhouses, the understanding of PC solar panels should also fully consider the local climate characteristics and their possible consequences, and PC solar panels The cost is much higher than other materials, and it is conceivable that the economic burden caused by the replacement of the PC sunlight panel to the greenhouse producers.

3.PC sunlight panel greenhouse drip problem

In addition, the dripping property of the PC sunlight panel is also a major factor affecting the light transmission and performance of the greenhouse. Dripping property means that the water vapor in the greenhouse is large, and condensation water forms on the top or around the PC sunlight board and flows downward. Most brands of PC sunshine boards do not have dripping properties. Although some PC sunshine boards have anti-dripping properties at the beginning, the anti-dripping properties fail after a period of time and cannot be synchronized with the service life.

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