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How much do you know about the agriculture greenhouse?

Nov. 19, 2019

There are many kinds of the agriculture greenhouse in our company. It can be divided into agriculture multi span greenhouse and agriculture glass greenhouse. Because our products are of good quality and excellent price, they have won unanimous praise from people inside and outside the industry. At present, we have many agriculture greenhouse for sale.

The agricultural glass greenhouse has many advantages :

Firstly, the appearance of the glass greenhouse has large lighting area, light transmittance is as high as more than 90%, and indoor temperature rises rapidly.

Secondly, glass greenhouse has long service life and is not easy to dew.

Thirdly, the whole glass greenhouse is transparent, bright, beautiful and generous.

High temperature promotes plant growth and material circulation and accelerates photosynthesis. This is the planning and production principle of greenhouse. Ultraviolet rays in solar radiation are absorbed by ozone, infrared rays are absorbed by carbon dioxide and water vapor, and the remaining short-wave radiation-visible light penetrates glass or plastic to reach the surface in the greenhouse. The surface in the greenhouse heats up after absorbing short-wave radiation, and then transmits energy upward to the atmosphere in the greenhouse in the form of long-wave radiation. Long-wave radiation cannot penetrate glass and plastic, so a lot of heat is concentrated in the atmosphere in the greenhouse, and the atmosphere inside and outside the greenhouse cannot exchange heat due to the blockage of glass and plastic, so the heat stays in the greenhouse and the temperature inside the greenhouse is high.

Multi Span Greenhouse

Multi Span Greenhouse

The main advantage of agriculture multi span greenhouse is to improve the land utilization rate. The land utilization rate of the traditional rear wall greenhouse is about 50%. However, multi-span greenhouses are not limited by earth walls and front and rear areas, and the land utilization rate is above 95%. China occupies an average of 0.54 hectares of land per person, accounting for 29% of the world's per capita. Improving land use efficiency, production output and efficiency has always been the focus of our work on agriculture, rural areas and farmers . The agriculture multi span greenhouse is divided into multi-span greenhouse, single greenhouse, winter warm greenhouse and special greenhouse.i will tell you knowledge to you. Multi-span greenhouse: Multi-span multi-bay greenhouse refers to a multi-span multi-bay greenhouse with relatively large overall area, which can greatly provide land utilization rate and meet the needs of automatic production and operation. Multi-span greenhouses can be divided into all-glass multi-span greenhouses, all-pc sunshine board multi-span greenhouses, PC sunshine board-glass multi-span greenhouses, film multi-span greenhouses, photronic greenhouses and new material multi-span greenhouses, etc. Due to different covering materials. The common spans of multi-span greenhouses are 8m, 9.6m, 10.8m, 12m, etc., and the bays are 4m and 8m .

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