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How to Cool the Greenhouse?

May. 15, 2020

A greenhouse refers to a room with cold protection, heating, and light transmission facilities for growing warm plants in winter. During the growing season, it can provide a growth period and increase production. It is mostly used for plant cultivation or seedling cultivation of plants, flowers, trees, etc. There are many types of greenhouses, and they can be divided into many types according to different roof materials, lighting materials, shapes, and heating conditions, such as glass greenhouses and plastic polycarbonate greenhouses. The classification of greenhouse functions can be divided into production greenhouses, experimental (education) greenhouses, and commercial greenhouses that allow the public to enter according to the final use functions of the greenhouse. Vegetable cultivation greenhouses, flower cultivation greenhouses, and breeding greenhouses are all production greenhouses; artificial climate chambers and greenhouse laboratories are experimental (educational) greenhouses; various ornamental greenhouses, retail greenhouses and commodity wholesale greenhouses are commercial greenhouses.

Greenhouse Functions

Greenhouse Functions

he most basic thing for vegetables is the temperature and humidity of vegetables. The following china glass greenhouse manufacturer will tell you about the measures to reduce the temperature of the greenhouse.

1. External shading: The external shading commonly used in China is used to cool down. It can effectively block direct sunlight and does not affect the natural ventilation in the greenhouse. The cooling effect is better than the internal shading, but the external shading material is required to be strong, durable, and flexible Small and anti-aging.

2. Increase the ventilation area: continuous butterfly windows used at the top of the greenhouse, while increasing the ventilation area of the side windows around the greenhouse. In this way, in the seasons that are not too hot in spring and autumn, the air through the side windows and the top window is naturally convected to achieve the cooling effect.

3. Mist spray and induced draft fan In the hot summer day, when the natural ventilation can not reach the cooling effect requirements, the indoor mist jet and the induced draft fan installed on the side of the greenhouse are used for forced ventilation to cool down. Uniform and longer service life than a warm curtain.

4. Groundwater circulation cooling: the groundwater temperature is 9 ℃ -12 ℃, install the groundwater circulation switching device on the heating pipeline, boiler heating in winter, and groundwater cooling in summer Using underground cold water to circulate through the surface cooler and adding a draft fan can achieve the cooling effect at night without increasing the air humidity in the greenhouse. In addition, the groundwater circulation central air-conditioning equipment, using groundwater resources, coupled with a temperature rising and lowering units, can not only cool and heat, but also environmental protection and energy saving. It can be used for reference in the design of the greenhouse cooling system, but the current cost is too high.

The above are a few cooling measures, and I hope to help our friends.

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