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How to Achieve Indoor Heat Preservation Effect of Glass Greenhouse Greenhouse?

Apr. 17, 2020

1. Generally, some agricultural glass greenhouse installations can be used for heat preservation, such as covering with plastic film, buckling small arch shed, and movable curtain surface.

2. It is often added multiple layers of grass torch (curtain) on the inner side of the large surrounding so that it is both windproof and thermally insulating.

3. Generally, fluorescent lamps can also be installed in the greenhouse, generally (the lamp and the plant leaves adhere to an interval of 50cm), usually shining 10-12 hours of light every day.

4. However, in the working room set at one end of the greenhouse, thick curtains are often hung at the entrance and exit to prevent the intrusion of cool wind.

5. It is also possible to use a non-drip film for a masking effect.

Agricultural Glass Greenhouse

Agricultural Glass Greenhouse

Compared with ordinary film greenhouses, glass greenhouses are smarter and more convenient to use. They are a modern farming environment integrating data collection, central accounting and active equipment control. So what are the advantages of greenhouse cultivation? China glass greenhouse manufacturer shares for you:

During the operation of the glass greenhouse, the greenhouse environment is actively controlled to ensure the growth of crops.

1. The loss of planted crops is almost zero: Compared with manual monitoring, the obvious advantage of glass greenhouses for planting is to ensure stable environmental conditions in glass greenhouses, which have relatively high environmental requirements. For plants, it may be useful to avoid production losses due to human factors.

2. The quantity and quality of products that can be flexibly improved: Choose the control method of the glass greenhouse to ensure the environment. Compared with the manually controlled greenhouse, the output value and quality of the crop are greatly improved.

3. Saving and efficiency: For breeding enterprises with certain plans, it is necessary to continue to improve the efficiency of agricultural planting, not only to improve the output value and quality of crops, but also to improve operating efficiency and reduce operating costs. After using the intelligent control of the glass greenhouse, it can also play a role in these two aspects. After the glass greenhouse monitoring system is adopted, the operating efficiency is significantly improved, and the labour cost is greatly reduced. The investment and operation of the glass greenhouse can be fully calculated from the saved labour cost, using the intelligent economic benefits of the greenhouse control system. This is a long time, and the longer it is used, the lower the labor cost.

Greenhouses will have a great impact on crops. Greenhouse manufacturers have found that they will also have a great impact on crops in greenhouses. Plants are very sensitive to high temperatures. Photosynthesis will be reduced when the crops encounter high temperatures, and breathing at night will be improved The energy consumed is relatively high, which greatly consumes the growth of crops. For example, just like tomatoes, tomatoes of different brands have slightly decreased after photosynthesis under high-temperature treatment, so the content of chlorophyll will also be different.

The above is an introduction to the advantages of agricultural glass greenhouse cultivation, and I hope to help you.

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