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Introduction Of Glass Greenhouse

Dec. 09, 2019

The glass greenhouse refers to the greenhouse with glass as the main transparent covering material.High light transmittance, up to 90%.Very suitable for the cultivation of highlight crops. A greenhouse covered with single layer of glass is called a single-layer glass greenhouse, and a greenhouse covered with double layer of glass is called a double-layer insulating glass greenhouse.Suitable for large ecological sightseeing park, seedling greenhouse, flower market, large shopping mall or ecological restaurant.The glass greenhouse greenhouse is beautiful and easy, the vision is fluent, has the better viewing effect.

Glass Greenhouse

Glass Greenhouse

Agricultural glass greenhouse installation: the main beam of the glass greenhouse greenhouse adopts trussed beam, which can bear the strong load, and the roof is triangular roof ridge, which can make the indoor light evenly distributed.The main frame of the greenhouse is a light steel structure, which adopts domestic high quality hot-dip galvanized steel pipe and steel plate for independent processing, and its service life is ≥20 years.The frame connection is connected with galvanized bolts and self-tapping screws, without welding spot, which is both anticorrosive and beautiful. Greenhouse special aluminum profile, high strength aluminum profile surface using anodic oxidation treatment.The transmission adopts gear rack, reasonable design, reliable quality, smooth operation and no noise.Gutter for aluminum alloy or galvanized plate.The surrounding area is covered by double-layer glass or insulating glass with good thermal insulation, and the top is covered by 5mm thick tempered glass. The greenhouse is equipped with internal/external shading and cooling system, fan wet curtain strong cooling system, anti-condensation system, skylight ventilation system, heating system, Internet of things intelligent control system, mobile seedling bed system, mobile sprinkler irrigation system, power distribution system, carbon dioxide supplement system, lighting supplement system, etc.

The advantages and USES of glass greenhouse are introduced below:

I. advantages of glass greenhouse:

1, indoor light distribution is even: large slope triangular roof (that is, a span of only a triangular roof), its backlit slope in the greenhouse will form a large shadow, the plants in this area grow poorly. And small slope triangular roof, can make the light even distribution;

2. Low heat consumption: compared with the triangular roof greenhouse on the large slope, under the same building area, the same eaves height and the same perimeter protection area, the small roof greenhouse on the small slope has a small construction space, thus it consumes less heat;

3, anti-drip dew function: in the cold weather season, indoor and outdoor temperature difference is large, so the inside of the greenhouse roof easy to produce condensed water.Due to the small slope of the small triangle roof, the condensed water has already flowed into the aluminum material collecting the condensed water at the sink without gathering to the degree of dripping, preventing the dripping of condensed water from causing foliation diseases;

4, easy maintenance: because the slope is small, roof repair, cleaning work is easy to carry out.

5. The greenhouse is made of hot-dip galvanized steel frame, which is durable and strong in wind and pressure resistance;

6, using glass as cover material, good light transmittance, good sealing, thermal insulation wall, high ornamental.

7. Large-span spire design, large indoor operation space, high utilization rate of greenhouse, good display effect;

Ii. Use of glass greenhouse:

Glass greenhouse greenhouses are generally used for large sightseeing greenhouses, seedling greenhouses, flower markets, large shopping malls or ecological restaurants due to the large-span roof design, large indoor operation space, high utilization rate of greenhouses and good display effect.

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