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Introduction of Commonly Used Steel in Greenhouses

May. 18, 2020

For growers who are engaged in greenhouse projects or want to build greenhouses, one of the things that they want to know is the problem of the material type of greenhouses. So today Farming greenhouse installation company will share with you the common greenhouses Classification of materials and steel.

1. At present, the general greenhouse companies will mainly use the following materials:

Shape: square tube, round tube, oval tube, several-shaped steel

Material: Most steel pipes are made of steel inside and hot-dip galvanized outside

Galvanized steel pipe: divided into hot-dip galvanized standard pipe (national standard pipe), galvanized coiled pipe (with pipe)

Hot dip galvanized standard tube: GB black tube + hot-dip galvanized

Galvanized strip tube: galvanized sheet coil welding

2. The different uses of material shape

Square tube: It is generally used on the pillars of smart greenhouses. The general specifications are 70 * 50, 50 * 100, 100 * 100, 120 * 120, 150 * 150 or other larger square tubes. Smaller square tubes such as 50 * 50 is used for the tie rod of the greenhouse.

Round tube: It is used as a framework for building a greenhouse. It is a secondary load-bearing structure. After the force is applied, it transmits the force to the main load-bearing structure. It is the skeleton of the greenhouse.

Elliptical tube: The elliptical tube is a new product launched in recent years. Compared with the round tube, the pressure resistance is particularly good. However, because the existing elliptical tube is made of galvanized tape, the corrosion resistance is inferior to the round tube. The elliptical tube is generally made by flattening and bending arcs of hot-dip galvanized square tubes.

Zigzag steel: It is mostly used on the top of the intelligent greenhouse to form a zigzag steel skeleton. The advantage is low cost, but it is less stable than the square tube. Mostly used in areas with low stress and anti-corrosion requirements.

3. The material and service life of the steel pipe

Most of the domestic steel pipes are made of steel inside and hot-dip galvanized outside. Hot-dip galvanized is to increase the service life of anti-corrosion. The specific service life depends on four aspects

The material of steel material is divided into hot-dip galvanized national standard tubes, galvanized coiled tubes, and black tube after processing.

After the completion of the greenhouse, whether the stress of the steel pipe is within the design range: if unexpected natural disasters such as blizzards and typhoons occur, the stress of the steel pipe will definitely exceed the design value and reduce the service life.

The user's maintenance of the steel pipe: whether to add other objects on the steel pipe that exceed the load of the steel pipe, and whether the environment where the steel pipe is located is wet for a long time, etc.

What is the amount of galvanized steel pipe, more galvanized, good corrosion resistance, and long service life? In general, the service life of steel pipes of average quality is at least 10 years under normal use, and the high-quality steel pipes of large brands are generally 15 to 20 years. The maintenance is good and the galvanized amount is relatively large.

4. Factors affecting the quality of steel pipes:

The amount of galvanized steel pipe is extremely susceptible to air oxidation and rust, so anticorrosion measures must be adopted. The most commonly used anticorrosive measure is galvanizing the surface of the steel pipe. The better the process, the better the quality of the steel pipe. But the more corresponding galvanizing, the higher the cost.

The wall thickness of the steel pipe, the steel pipe is a stressed member, which must be stressed. The thicker the wall of the steel pipe, the better the mechanical performance and the better the quality, but the thicker the relative wall, the cost The higher.

Vegetables Greenhouse Manufacturer

Vegetables Greenhouse Manufacturer

Five: Process description of galvanized steel pipe:

Hanging plating: also for hanging plating, with the best quality, the highest amount of zinc, and the strongest anticorrosion ability. Its technological process is rough that the steel pipe is pickled. After the impurities above are washed away, the entire steel pipe is immersed in the zinc pool. The ascent cycle for more than ten seconds, take it out and cool it down. The amount of zinc on the steel pipe of the zinc-coating process reaches 400 to 600 grams, and the service life of the steel-plated steel pipe is 30 years. Now the national major projects use a large number of steel-plated steel pipes, high-speed rails, and infrastructure. Crafts, such as trusses, brackets, etc.

Blow plating: It also needs to be pickled and immersed in the zinc bath, but after being lifted up, it will pass through a device. When the zinc is not completely attached to the steel pipe, the excess zinc is disposed of, but the amount of this zinc is slightly lower Now, the standard is about 200 grams, which is near twice the amount of zinc on the zinc-hanging process. The cost of this kind of steel pipe is low, the service life can reach 15-20 years, and the cost performance is high. It is a common galvanizing process.

Galvanized strip: The steel materials are plated in advance and then made into tubes. The galvanized amount is low and the corrosion resistance is poor. The galvanized amount of 50 grams per square meter will rust in 2 to 3 years.

Cold plating: Since the country has high requirements for environmental protection, cold plating has gradually withdrawn from the stage of history. Nowadays, cold plating is basically no longer used. It is a process that has been eliminated.

Plastic coating: This process is a process to continue to increase the corrosion resistance after the hot-dip galvanizing is over-coated on the galvanized pipe, but the average cost per ton of steel will increase by about 2,000 yuan. The cost is too high and has not been used.

Six, how to identify the quality of steel pipes with naked eyes

Mainly recognizes the corrosion of the surface

Hang plating: due to the thick zinc coating, the color is slightly darker than that of blow plating and strip tube;

Galvanized belt: The amount of zinc coating is low, the newly produced surface is bright, and it will show a little black after a period of time. Secondly, professional equipment can use a zinc layer measuring instrument for a professional measurement.

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