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Which Several Respects Should the Market Research Before Greenhouse Construction Proceed with?

Mar. 28, 2020

I. Determination of agricultural products

Farming greenhouse is used to produce high-quality, high-yield, high-value-added agricultural products such as off-season. Under market economic conditions, market demand is a process of investigation and research. First look for market demand and determine the local or domestic and international market varieties. If the product is supplied to the local market, the local dietary habits need to be considered to determine the products to be grown.

The information returned from the current aspects shows that the cultivation of special, rare, and precious green vegetables is currently selling well in the domestic and international markets. Some do not need to establish high-end greenhouses for planting, and it is still possible to use local solar greenhouses Get considerable profits. For the cultivation of common vegetables, the local market is the main, and it should be carried out in a simple greenhouse. The planting costs cannot be increased at will, resulting in no market for the products.

Investment in greenhouse cultivation is risky. There is a certain time difference between the greenhouse cultivation and the market. Once the product positioning is not appropriate, the greenhouse construction project is likely to fail halfway.

Single Span Plastic Film Greenhouse

Single Span Plastic Film Greenhouse

Second, the positioning of the greenhouse-greenhouse project

The market is changing, and the greenhouse is a fixed asset investment with relative stability. The purpose of building a greenhouse needs to be redefined. The construction of greenhouses in China started relatively late, and different regions have different levels of understanding of greenhouses.

At present, the construction of many greenhouses is at the stage of government guidance and support, with demonstration as the mainstay, social and environmental benefits are relatively prominent, and economic benefits are not ideal, and there are certain comprehensive benefits.

For demonstration greenhouses, high-tech, high-input, and high-output are the characteristics of this type of greenhouse. The greenhouses and planting methods with new structures and materials at home and abroad should be adopted. The products produced should be oriented to the national and international markets. Considering the social and environmental benefits, in particular, there must be significant economic benefits, at least the role of a greenhouse leader in the local area, otherwise, the demonstration fails.

For ordinary planting greenhouses, as long as they can meet production needs, the form of the greenhouse is not important. The single span plastic film greenhouse has a simple structure, can meet the growing needs of most vegetables, fruits, and fruits, and is easy to operate, which is conducive to popularization. For high-end fully-automatic control greenhouses, it is currently inappropriate for most planting and breeding, high cost, complicated system, high operating costs, and requires special maintenance. Operators are required to have a high level of technology, which is suitable for scientific research and high value-added agricultural products. Production use.

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