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System Principle of Multi-Span Greenhouse

Sep. 14, 2020

The greenhouse is a new type of greenhouse in modern agriculture, which reflects the progress of modern society. The multi-span greenhouse has many advantages. The area is much larger than that of the previous greenhouses and the management is convenient. However, the waterproof problem is a special problem that needs attention.

Facility agriculture is an important symbol of modern agriculture, an important part of modern agriculture, and a symbol of agricultural high-tech. The greenhouse construction project is an important part of facility agriculture and the main carrier of modern agriculture. The multi-span greenhouse with a high degree of automation and intelligence is a modern animal and plant production mode that adapts to the good environment required by the growth and development of animals and plants.

Glass Greenhouse for Vegetables refers to a greenhouse that uses glass as a lighting material and belongs to the greenhouse. In cultivation facilities, the glass greenhouse is a long-life greenhouse form, suitable for different regions and different climatic conditions. Glass greenhouses have high light transmittance and are very suitable for growing high-gloss crops. Single glass greenhouses are called single glass greenhouses, and double glass greenhouses are called double hollow PC solar panels or films. Due to the small division size of PC solar panels and glass, there are many cracks on the top of the striped greenhouse, which is why the top of the striped greenhouse is easy to leak. Since the multi-span membrane greenhouse needs to be connected with arches, there are many holes in the water tank, and it is also easy to leak.

So, in the construction of the greenhouse, how should we improve the waterproof capacity of the top of the Agricultural Glass Greenhouse?

1. Choose the right waterproof tape

At present, butyl waterproof tape is widely used in multi-span greenhouses. Butyl waterproof tape is an original non-curing self-adhesive waterproof tape made of butyl rubber through a special process. Its excellent adhesion has strong adhesion to various surfaces. Has excellent weather resistance, aging resistance, and water resistance.

2. Correct waterproof sealing treatment

When installing the butyl waterproof tape, first check whether the skeleton is flat and free of weld scars and burrs. The skeleton should be thoroughly dried without volatile solvents. Lay butyl waterproof tapes on both sides of the frame for compaction, and try to choose a construction temperature above 5 degrees.

Agricultural Glass Greenhouse

Agricultural Glass Greenhouse

Greenhouse multi-span shed-system principle

1. The electric external shading system uses materials with a certain shading rate to block the excess light, which plays the role of adjusting light and cooling. The main material of the external shading system is the external shading net. The outer shading net is usually a black 75 round wire. The outer shading network must be pre-shrinked. After installing a poor quality outer shading net, the shrinkage is very large, even up to about 15 cm. In general, shrinkage is huge damage to the entire external shading system.

2. The electric inner shading system

The internal shading system can improve the ecological shading environment of the greenhouse in many aspects. In summer, the sunshade can reflect part of the sunlight, diffuse the sunlight into the greenhouse, irradiate the plants evenly, and protect the plants from strong sunburn. By choosing different curtains, different shading rates can be formed to meet the needs of different crops for sunlight. If the quality of the inner shading screen is selected, the inner shading insulation system can effectively prevent infrared escaping, reduce the heat loss of ground radiation, reduce heating energy consumption, and greatly reduce the operating cost of the greenhouse at night in winter.

3. Electric top opening window system

The window opening system on the top of the greenhouse refers to the equipment system that uses electricity in the greenhouse to open and close the windows on the top of the greenhouse through the window drive mechanism, which is mainly used for natural ventilation of the greenhouse. The top window ventilation system is very necessary for the use and planting of the greenhouse. It can effectively control the indoor temperature, humidity, and CO2 concentration to meet the needs of the normal growth of indoor cultivated plants.

4. Fan water curtain cooling system

Evaporative cooling is one of the most widely used cooling technologies in greenhouses. The system principle is to use some equipment that can heat and humidify the air to cool the air. The air heat and moisture treatment equipment with good application effect is air-water direct contact equipment. Even by using the command, the motor drives the rotating shaft, which drives the rack and pinion movement to open the window. In addition, in order to achieve the effect of sealing and heat preservation of the greenhouse, the system can also be closed. The system is beautiful, easy to maintain, economical, and practical.

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