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What are the Benefits of Modern Smart Greenhouses for Growers?

Feb. 17, 2020

The highlight of the agricultural greenhouse is mainly "wisdom". As a concrete embodiment of modern agriculture, the greenhouse has a full sense of science and technology, and new technologies and new models have completely overturned the traditional agricultural farming methods. By making full use of the Internet of Things technology, the greenhouse is made like a sophisticated workshop.

Environmental temperature and humidity, soil moisture, carbon dioxide and other sensor nodes distributed in the greenhouse can collect environmental information in the greenhouse in real time. And transmitted to the computer terminal via the wireless communication network. After the background big data analysis, the IoT platform can automatically adjust and adjust the specified environmental control equipment according to the manually set parameters, and control water spray, window opening, curtain opening, etc. Precisely control watering, fertilizing, temperature, humidity, etc. Water, fertilizer, temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide concentration create a high-quality growth environment for plants.

When a modern intelligent greenhouse is not conducive to environmental growth, it will automatically take measures:

1. Insufficient soil moisture, automatically control water valve to spray water

2. If the light is insufficient, automatically turn on the incandescent lamp to supplement the light;

3. If the temperature is too low, the air conditioner will automatically turn on;

4. When the greenhouse temperature is too high, automatically open the skylight, side window, etc .;

The construction of modern agricultural parks has always been a hot spot in the agricultural industry. Today, if agriculture is to develop well, it is necessary to continuously increase the scale of the industry. In traditional agriculture, it takes a lot of manpower and material resources. Robots equipped with artificial intelligence technology will help ease the burden on farmers and greatly reduce land demand for labor. For example, in the planting, management, picking, sorting and other links can be completed by intelligent robots to achieve the intelligentization and automation of agricultural planting.

The modern smart greenhouse greenhouse measurement and control system was born to improve the output and quality of agricultural products, and it was born to engage in agricultural production more efficiently, conveniently and quickly, and to release agricultural labor. The products of modern intelligent agricultural monitoring stations monitor the growing environment of agricultural products in real time, automatically maintain and improve the growing environment of agricultural products, so as to meet the needs of agricultural production.

Agricultural Blackout Light Deprivation GreenhouseAgricultural Blackout Light Deprivation Greenhouse

Agricultural Blackout Light Deprivation Greenhouse

Greenhouse manufacturer believes that agriculture is the basic lifeblood of a country and future strategies: new thinking, new planting, and new future.

Talk about the small details of the use of greenhouse accessories:

The fresh vegetables that everyone eats all year round come from greenhouses. Only with the combination of various greenhouse accessories can a reasonable and comfortable vegetable growing environment. Therefore, any kind of greenhouse accessories in the greenhouse is very important. I will share with you some experiences of using small details of greenhouse accessories:

1. In order to facilitate management work such as ventilation, the roof film and skirt film of the greenhouse must be covered separately. Generally, a three-layer film is used, that is, one ceiling film and two skirt films on the left and right sides. The ceiling film is 7.5 to 8.0 meters wide and the skirt film is 1.2 meters wide. First install the skirt film on both sides, hold it with the card slot, then cover the top film, and use the spring card slot to lock at both ends. Press between the arches with a film line. The membrane junction should be overlapped by 20-30 cm. Press the top membrane on the outside of the skirt membrane. Both sides of the top membrane can be equipped with rocker rods to facilitate opening the top membrane for ventilation. The ground part of the skirt should be sealed with mud. When the greenhouse is covered, windless weather should be selected to prevent wind from unfavorable to cover the film or tear the film. Press the film tape after covering.

2. When the greenhouse is ventilated, first lift the edge of the top membrane upward, and then lower the skirt membrane when the temperature rises. When covering the film, first clamp or fasten the skirt film, and then lower the top film. Diaphragm cover film proceeds in reverse order.

3. After the greenhouse is built, excavate deep trenches around the greenhouse to lower the groundwater level to facilitate the growth of vegetables in the greenhouse.

4. During the use of the greenhouse, due to long sunny and no rain, the shed film is covered with dust, which directly affects the lighting. After 10 sunny days, the transmittance of the shed roof film is 25% different from the unwashed area. The shed film is clean.

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