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What Are The Common Greenhouse Flowers?

Jan. 06, 2020

What kind of flowers are good for greenhouse? What are the common glass greenhouses for flowers? How to grow and manage greenhouse flowers? There are some things you must know about growing flowers in greenhouses. Today, china glass greenhouse manufacturer will share some precautions for growing flowers in greenhouses!

It is well known that many flower plants are seasonal, but due to the flower market's demand for flower diversity and the development of technology, more and more greenhouse flowers are born! Growing flowers in greenhouses can create the most suitable environmental conditions for flower growth, break the seasonal and regional restrictions on flower growth, and cultivate flowers in different regions and seasons. Like seasonal vegetables, scarcity is used to enhance market competitiveness and generate revenue.

Planting Greenhouse

Planting Greenhouse

Because of seasonal differences between North and South, there are also differences in the varieties cultivated in greenhouses. For example, Nantian Bamboo, Rhododendron, Camellia, Michelia, Red Rice, Red Leaf Flower, Osmanthus, Brown Bamboo, Gardenia, Longevity Flower, Hibiscus, Oleander, Five-color Plum, Fuchsia, etc. To be able to overwinter, greenhouse cultivation is only needed in the north, because the outdoor temperature in the north is extremely low in winter. If it is not maintained in the winter, it will not be safe to overwinter. In addition, early spring flowers such as spring jasmine, calla lilies, cyclamen, cineraria, and bougainvillea flowers. If you want to see them bloom in the north in the north, they must be cultivated in a greenhouse. There are other flowers that are warm and warm, such as pineapples, cacti, variable-leafwoods, dracaenas, tropical orchids, etc. The northern autumn and winter seasons must also be moved to the greenhouse for conservation.

In the north, there are many varieties of flowers that need to be maintained indoors in autumn and winter. In the southern part of the winter, the temperature is relatively high, and most flower plants do not need to be maintained indoors. Only those flowers that are tropical-loving and cold-tolerant, and flower varieties that are suitable for growing in the north and that need to be vernalized at low temperatures need proper cold protection Protection, such as corn poppy, cornflower, delphinium, poppy, fragrant cornflower, kale grass, California poppy, etc.

This is the benefit of planting greenhouse. It can be considered that controlling temperature and humidity, meeting the growth needs of flower plants, reducing diseases and insect pests, and making anti-season flowers better meet market demand. Of course, there are many things to pay attention to in greenhouse cultivation of flowers. First of all, it depends on the size of the greenhouse and the expected investment. After all, investment has risks. Secondly, some facilities must be complete. If the temperature and humidity control is not done well, the greenhouses are built in vain. The modern greenhouses generally use modern intelligent systems, and this investment is relatively large. However, as long as the facilities are in place and there are masters of flower cultivation, growing southern flowers in the northern greenhouse is very popular.

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