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The Remarkable Characteristics Of Vegetable Greenhouses

Jun. 28, 2020

The Vegetable Greenhouse manufacturer shares this article for you.

With the advancement of agriculture, the use of greenhouses has become more and more common. Vegetable greenhouses have gradually replaced traditional agricultural greenhouses, which are more suitable for the growth of crops, and have the following outstanding features:

1. Withstand high winds

The traditional agricultural greenhouse is fixed by pressing the edge, and the vegetable greenhouse is made of cold-rolled steel pipe, which can withstand more than 10 winds. It is tested and designed according to 10 and wind in the early stage of the design and construction. It is used in the greenhouse. With the streamlined design, the wind will not cause damage through the greenhouse, reducing the maintenance cost.

2. Superior corrosion resistance

The current vegetable greenhouse construction uses galvanized steel pipes, which can be used for a long time without being affected by the environment. The corrosion resistance performance can be extended by 3-5 years compared with ordinary steel pipes and can be adapted to various acid and alkali environments. Use, using the galvanizing process, low heat absorption capacity, the surface will not rust, played a vital role in protecting the plastic film and insulation of the greenhouse.

3. Low cost and long life

The construction of the entire vegetable greenhouse is simple and beautiful. The vents are intelligently set and can be controlled by the remote control. The price is basically the same as the construction cost of the ordinary steel structure greenhouse, and the service life is extremely long. It is the first choice for greenhouse construction.

The multi-span greenhouse is an upgraded version of a common single-vegetable greenhouse. In fact, it is a greenhouse with a large area. It connects the original single-room greenhouse with scientific methods, effective design schemes, and materials. Therefore, the quality of the wall surface of this shed will affect its service life. With the development, the construction direction of such buildings is toward higher, wider, no poles, etc., so the requirements for the wall rigidity of the building become higher. Therefore, during construction, the bottom of the wall needs to be compacted with an excavator to prevent the foundation from sinking.

Multi Span Greenhouse

Multi Span Greenhouse

Three points that must be paid attention to when building a multi-span greenhouse

1. The angle between the backplane of the building and the horizontal line can be calculated according to the solar height and angle at noon on the local winter solstice, generally, 45~50° is appropriate.  

2. Because the rear object plane will bear a greater load-bearing capacity after construction, it is necessary to gather and stretch the steel wire to increase the strength. The distance between the steel wires is generally 8-10cm.

3. To cover the heat insulation work, use waterproof materials to cover, pay attention to the reasonable area, do not cover the cover strictly, or cause a lot of waste.

The large output of the multi-span greenhouse can provide users with a lot of conveniences and bring benefits, so the installation process cannot be sloppy, and each work should be carefully checked.

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