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The Right Way to Ventilate Your Greenhouse

Mar. 09, 2020

China glass greenhouse manufacturer to share with you: Greenhouse is a collective term for plastic greenhouses, multi-story greenhouses, single greenhouses, vegetable greenhouses, suitable plastic greenhouses, solar panel greenhouses, smart greenhouses, etc. In places without contagious soil, well drained, sheltered from the sun, sunny and dry. The development of greenhouse ventilation has great significance for the production and operation of greenhouses. The space in the greenhouse is small, and the shelter is relatively sheltered from the wind. In addition to the use of pesticides and fertilizers, the carbon dioxide content in the small environment of the greenhouse is continuously reduced, and more and more harmful gases are accumulated, causing crop diseases in the greenhouse. The occurrence of adverse effects on the growth and development of crops in greenhouses. Therefore, when the content of air components in the greenhouses does not meet the growth needs of the crops in the greenhouses, ventilation must be performed to eliminate the foul air in the greenhouses. At the same time, replace the fresh air outside the shed. However, how to grasp the ventilation time and the ventilation volume has become a major problem that plagues greenhouse greenhouse workers. The development trend of large-scale greenhouse ventilation is basically from manual control to automated control, and from traditional methods to modernization and standardization. In particular, the large-scale application of new technologies and materials in greenhouse ventilation rack put forward more standardized and high requirements, and the traditional ggreenhouse ventilation control alone cannot regulate the production and operation of greenhouse greenhouses. Based on such a development, we must fully study the development of greenhouse ventilation, correctly face the different requirements of different greenhouses for gout, realize automatic management and control of greenhouse ventilation, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of modern agriculture.

Pinion for Shading System

Pinion for Shading System

First of all, fully understanding the development of greenhouse ventilation is an objective requirement for the development of greenhouse ventilation in modern agricultural development. The development of modern agriculture requires that the wind direction of the greenhouse be developed under the direction of automatic control, standardization and scientificization. It can automatically measure the carbon dioxide required for crop growth in the greenhouse, and harmful gases that endanger crop growth. Air; To grasp the development of greenhouse ventilation, we must break the traditional concept, reform the management model, and open up new ways of greenhouse ventilation. Secondly, fully understand the development of greenhouse ventilation is an important symbol of the modernization of greenhouse ventilation. Whether the modernization of greenhouse peach ventilation can be realized is the key to the development of greenhouse ventilation, which determines the future development of greenhouse peach ventilation and its contribution to modern agriculture. Third, fully understand the development of greenhouse ventilation is the needs of greenhouse ventilation itself. Fully understanding the development of greenhouse ventilation will help employees in greenhouses have a clear and clear understanding of greenhouse ventilation, accurately grasp the pulse of greenhouse ventilation development, increase investment in science and technology, and use a large number of new technologies and materials to ventilate greenhouses The scientific, standardized and automated development has laid a solid foundation.


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