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How to Improve the Utilization Rate of Greenhouse Construction?

Jun. 21, 2020

Vegetables Greenhouse

I believe everyone knows that in the development of agriculture, the input costs and operating costs of greenhouses are generally relatively high. Of course, there are actually many costs to be recovered, and strengthening the use of greenhouses has also become an important method of rapid cost recovery. So as to obtain more economic benefits. So how to improve the utilization rate of greenhouses? Today, China Glass Greenhouse manufacturer came to introduce five methods that can improve the utilization rate of greenhouses in the greenhouse, and hope to help everyone.

1. High and low

In the cultivation of agricultural products, the combination of high and short crops, vine crops, and hanging crops can increase the cost of income to a large extent. The main matching methods are as follows: cucumber planted with celery, cucumber planted with vegetable seedlings, tomato planted with cabbage, rape, cucumber planted with cabbage, and so on.

2. You can take advantage of the difference in planting time for growing vegetables in greenhouses to grow fast-growing vegetables. For example: before planting eggplant in early spring, plant a stubble of radish; plant stubble of green onion after planting cucumber in winter and spring; plant a plant of Chinese cabbage before planting green pepper in early spring, etc.

3. Early-maturing and late-maturing varieties can be mixed for planting. Varieties with different maturity time should be planted alternately, and vice-variety planting can be relatively close.

4. The temperature difference can also be used to grow crops. Many data show that in general, the temperature in front of the greenhouse is relatively low, and the space is small. You can plant warm and cold vegetables, such as: planting zucchini in the front and cucumber in the rear; dwarf kidney beans in the front, Eggplants are planted in the rear; coriander, pakchoi, rape, water radish, etc. are spread in the front, and green peppers are planted in the rear.

5. Different crops have different requirements for light. At this time, we can plant some shade-loving and light-loving crops, such as: planting cucumber and leek in the same border; planting leek and garlic seedlings in the same border; planting shade-tolerant green leafy vegetables under the bean rack.

The above questions about various greenhouses are organized and released by vegetable Greenhouse manufacturer. For more detailed questions, you can consult and exchange at any time. I hope the above information can help you.

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