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What Are the Advantages of PC Board Greenhouses?

Jul. 24, 2020

PC Board Greenhouse China

With the increasing requirements for building decoration materials, PC (polycarbonate) sunshine panels, which are both beautiful and fashionable, and functional, have become the pioneers of the 21st century to lead the decorative trend, and are popular at home and abroad.

More and more PC boards are chosen as greenhouses. What are the advantages? What should be paid attention to? These questions have gradually become everyone's doubts, then the following PC Board Greenhouse supplier will answer your questions!

First of all, Greenhouses generally use pc solar panels, and according to the thickness of the panels, the price of the warranty period varies.

Advantages of PC board greenhouse:

1.Good light transmittance and UV protection

PC Board Greenhouse China mostly uses double-layer transparent solar panels, because the double-layer transparent solar panels are light in weight and strong in light transmission, which is conducive to plant growth. There is no dead corner of sunlight in the greenhouse, and the land utilization and lighting performance have been unprecedentedly improved. The important thing is that transparency will not be significantly reduced due to usage time.

At the same time, the surface of the solar panel is treated with high-tech anti-ultraviolet special technology to ensure the stability of the product against ultraviolet radiation. After long-term use, it still maintains the optical performance of the product itself. It is not easy to be exposed to ultraviolet rays and rapidly ages, and the color of the product itself is not easy to turn yellow.

2.High impact resistance and temperature resistance

PC has the best impact resistance among thermoplastics. Even at high temperatures, its latent deterioration is still small and stress relaxation is small. The solar panel made of PC has excellent impact resistance and can maintain stable performance for a long time in a wide temperature range (-40~+120).

In the face of severe weather conditions such as hail, storm, snow, and ice, it exhibits excellent impact resistance. Under the above conditions, glass and plexiglass are both brittle and hard, while the PC board used by Zhongnong Jinwang is flexible, such as only There is a small sawtooth gap or deformation in the compression zone instead of bursting.

At the same time, it can also adapt to various severe weather changes from severe cold to high temperatures. The low-temperature embrittlement temperature is -100℃, the high temperature softening temperature is 146℃, and the allowable temperature under long-term load conditions is -40℃~+120℃, short-term load The temperature is -100℃~+135℃. Under this condition, other panels will be obviously deformed or even completely destroyed, but PC solar panels still have excellent physical properties.

3.Heat and sound insulation performance

Coefficient of linear expansion: one of the synthetic resins with a smaller coefficient of linear expansion. The coefficient of linear expansion of the sheet is slightly different in different directions, and the average is 0.065mm/m. ℃. The thermal conductivity of the PC board is very different from that of general synthetic resin, which is 1/4, 1/300, 1/1000, 1/ 12000, it is a material with good thermal insulation.

4.Energy-saving performance, anti-fogging performance

Compared with other ordinary glass and other plastics, the solar panel has a lower thermal conductivity, which greatly reduces heat loss and achieves the purpose of energy-saving and consumption reduction. It is an environmentally friendly material. At the same time, it adopts German Bayer material anti-fogging technology, processed by a high-tech infrared special process, and evenly distributed high-concentration coating on the lower board surface, which can avoid the drop in light transmittance caused by water mist and avoid the direct vertical drop of condensed water. Damage to animals and plants during the fall.

5.Flame retardancy, fire resistance

The PC sun panel has good water resistance. In addition, the solar panel will not contribute to the spread of the fire under a strong flame. The solar panel will not produce dense smoke or toxic gas during the burning process, and will automatically extinguish after leaving the fire, which indicates Sunshine board has good flame retardant performance and has been highly evaluated in several major fire tests of advanced countries in the world.

PC sunshine board is light in weight and low in price, neat and beautiful in appearance, and does not damage the shed film. The high-strength greenhouse frame is light in weight, only one-third of the weight of the cement frame, and the cost is low, and the market profit margin is large. The frame is neat, beautiful and generous, the contact surface of the shed film is smooth without protrusions, the shed film is not damaged, and the service life of the shed film is effectively extended.

The following points should be paid attention to in the greenhouse:

1. The rainy season should be avoided when the shed is built, and sand should not be used for soil quality to preserve water and fertilizer.

2. The construction of the shed can be carried out by digging the shed for rent so that the first construction of the shed will save a lot of costs. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the height and width of the back wall and gable wall and the height of the front wall are still wide.

3. The quality and specification selection of PC solar panels should also be checked, all of which will affect the life quality of the shed, the temperature in the shed, and the quality and yield of vegetables.

4. the nursery period should also be well controlled, and drainage should be done well when it rains.

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