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What Can The Greenhouse Do?

Our company is a professional manufacturer of greenhouse. At present, we have three main hot sale products, such us intelligent greenhouse, glass greenhouse for vegetables and multi span greenhouse. Our products have met with a warm reception in many country. They have obtained favorable comments from customers.

Intelligent Greenhouse

Intelligent Greenhouse

First, let me tell you the advantages of intelligent greenhouse.

The appearance is beautiful and novel: it has a variety of structures such as hemispherical, flying saucer-shaped, gourd-shaped, pyramid-shaped, etc. the height and size of the shape can be customized at will. Generally, a single new intelligent greenhouse has an area of less than 3000 square meters and a height of less than 30 meters. the shape is tall and spectacular, which cannot be compared with traditional greenhouses. Whether it is a single new type of intelligent greenhouse or a new type of intelligent greenhouse group formed by several greenhouses, it will become a beautiful scenery;

Environmental protection and energy saving: the new type of intelligent greenhouse has a stable environment and can control temperature by combining measures such as water body heat storage and temperature regulation, high-altitude fog cooling, intelligent window opening system, fan, wet curtain, etc. There is a very energy-saving solution all year round;

High space utilization ratio: the internal space of the greenhouse is more than 3 times larger than that of the traditional greenhouse. It can be combined with the advanced three-dimensional soil less culture technology. The cultivation area is 3-5 times larger than the original one, greatly improving the efficiency of greenhouse cultivation and the intensive degree of management. For sightseeing agriculture, large space can satisfy very rich innovative ideas;

Strong structural firmness: wind resistance: the sphere does not have a positive windward side and can break down strong winds from various angles;

High cost performance: The cost of the new intelligent greenhouse is far lower than that of the multi-span greenhouse and the glass greenhouse. It is the greenhouse with the highest cost performance at present.

Wide range of uses: It is suitable for three-dimensional production of vegetables and fruits, cultivation of tall plants (tropical plants), breeding of flowers and seedlings, ecological restaurants, ecological houses, ecological office buildings, exhibition halls, warehouses, sightseeing agriculture, family greenhouses, happy farms, factories, farms, creative discos, cinemas, KTV boxes, bars, indoor stadiums and swimming pools, etc. It is a new type of greenhouses with wide adaptability, great development space and good market prospects.

Glass Greenhouse

Glass Greenhouse

Then multi-span greenhouse:

Multi-span multi-bay greenhouse refers to a multi-span multi-bay greenhouse with relatively large overall area, which can greatly provide land utilization rate and meet the needs of automatic production and operation. Multi-span greenhouses can be divided into all-glass multi-span greenhouses, all-pc sunshine board multi-span greenhouses, PC sunshine board-glass multi-span greenhouses, film multi-span greenhouses, photronic greenhouses and new material multi-span greenhouses, etc. due to different covering materials. The common spans of multi-span greenhouses are 8m, 9.6m, 10.8m, 12m, etc. At last, advantages of glass greenhouse is the appearance of the glass greenhouse has large lighting area, light transmittance as high as more than 90%, and indoor temperature rises rapidly; The glass greenhouse has long service life and is not easy to dew; The whole glass greenhouse is transparent, bright, beautiful and generous.

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